Over £10,000 raised on Kickstarter

Who We Are

Having worked and collaborated on several films together in our early careers, it wasn’t long before our desire to produce our own films and original content overcame us. All sharing a passion for each other's work and the films we wanted to create, we pulled together to bring Them Pesky Kids to life.


Holding a launch event at the Nottingham Contemporary in the summer of 2017, we shared a number of our films and music videos, and announced a Kickstarter campaign for our short film Ariella. Successfully raising over £10,000, we went on to create the film we wanted and became a limited company, with the intention to produce more shorts, more commercials, and eventually blockbusting feature films.


Now, our projects are attending festivals around the world and our features are in development. So we want to spend time making films with other amazing brands using our expertise and wide network of creatives to help them reach their audience.

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Our Style

Bold, entertaining, and evocative films with depth.

Films can move or entertain us, scare us, make us fall in love, let us escape or find deeper meaning in life. We want to produce everything from hard-hitting drama, indie comedies, all the way to sci-fi epics.


We’re a group of Director/Producers each with different influences and inspirations. Each film, music video, and commercial requires the right voice to reach its audience. So we collaborate to find the right creative flair for the project.

Our Vision

We’re big ideas kind of people. Big films, international series, and a cool team of diverse, fun, enthusiastic people. We want to be making films for a long time, and we’re not looking to retire any time soon.


We all love film and have an array of stories we want to tell! We want to create a varied slate of feature films across all genres that reach audiences around the world.

Talent Development

We’ve met some passionate filmmakers by working with students and graduates on our creative projects and want to continue to grow our team by supporting that talent.

Online Content

The future is streaming and we’ve got some fantastic comedy and anthology series we’re developing that we look forward to sharing with you online.


To tell different stories you need input from different perspectives. We’re on an active hunt for female, LGBT and minority writers, directors and producers to work with us!


Working with other companies lets us meet other people, learn about what their passion is, and help their business by doing what we love. Everybody wins and it’s a lot of fun!


There are too many film sets covered in disused paperwork and coffee cups. Over the next few years, we aim to become as environmentally friendly as we can be.

'Them Pesky Kids have created some of the most exciting and innovative creative projects Nottingham has seen in recent years. They make you genuinely excited about the city's filmmaking future'

Ashley Carter 

Head Editor for LeftLion Magazine

Meet The Team


Producer, Director

Active in the industry since 2010, Ryan began as an actor before studying Film Production at Confetti ICT and directing award winning short film Tuesday Afternoon. His most recent projects include the dark, mysterious short film Ariella and I’ll Be Here After The Factory is Gone, a modern retelling of Alan Silitoe’s Saturday Night & Sunday Morning.

Director most inspired by: Steven Spielberg

Top 3 Most Influential Films/Shows:

Clerks (1994), Back to the Future (1985), Lord of the Rings (2001-2003)

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Director, Producer, Editor

Starting his career as a production assistant in London, Michael has now directed a number of short films and music videos; winning an RTS award for his short film Anoesis before going on to direct his latest short film, Ariella. Michael directs a number of our projects at Them Pesky Kids, from music videos to cinema adverts to studio sessions.

Director most inspired by: Paul Thomas


Top 3 Most Influential Films/Shows:

Fargo (1996), The Master (2012), The Sopranos (1999-2007)

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Director, Assistant Producer

Since directing the fully crowd funded short thriller 'Ariella', set for a 2019 film festival release, Jack has gone on to make a number of music videos, documentaries and live event coverage. Working largely in the past with Them Pesky Kids, Jack is also moving into his graduating year at Confetti ICT.

Director most inspired by: The Coen Brothers

Top 3 Most Influential Films/Shows: 

Inherent Vice (2014), Burn After Reading (2008), The Assassination of Jesse James (2007)

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We're always looking for new people to join our team!


Get involved!

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