Nottingham rock band The Ruffs and Director Luke Radford collaborate to bring this narrative music video and a modern day retelling of Alan Sillitoe’s Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. Split into two songs, MST follows Arthur Seaton escaping his gray workspace into the world of the weekend, booze, parties, and women, while Who Do You brings a solemn note of reflection after finding a new romance before his past begins to catch up with him, and Arthur is forced to face the consequences. The heavy energy of a Saturday night, the quiet come down and stark realisations of Sunday morning. Starring Aaron Lodge, Kelly Jaggers, and Esmeé Matthews.


Why it's important

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning was originally written by Nottingham born Alan Sillitoe, and published in 1958. Just two years later, the film adaptation made by Woodfall Films was released, welcoming the late Albert Finney to the silver screen in his unforgettable role as Arthur Seaton; a hard drinking, hard fighting factory worker who treads on thin ice when he has an affair with a married woman.


Shocking audiences at the time, the film has gone on to be revered for its believable depiction of the working class, which stood in stark contrast to the whimsical melodramas of the upper class being portrayed in a lot of films at the time. Considered a pillar of the British New Wave of cinema,  the environment, themes and characters found in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning are still as relevant as ever.


Directed by Luke Radford

I saw Saturday Night and Sunday Morning a few years ago and immediately read the book it's based on. It’s over 60 years since it was first released and the environment, themes and characters still resonate. I took themes and key elements of the original narrative and placed them in a contemporary setting with Arthur Seaton now working in telesales rather than the Raleigh factory.


The characters, setting, themes and dialect felt close to home. It sparked an interest in working-class identity, my own identity and became an anchor point for a lot of the photography, music and film I’m interested in. Characters and themes felt familiar and I wanted to explore how they would exist in a contemporary setting. The film/book felt real, honest and refreshing but also full of anger and alienation, with Arthur fighting the anticipation of settling down and turning into his parents. I’ve shown it to a lot of friends who normally wouldn’t be interested in watching a black and white film, and they enjoyed it because it still resonates. Almost everything about the story and its characters is still relatable and recognisable in 2019.

©Toby Curson






c. Luke.PNG


Writer, Director

Fresh from wrapping on his feature debut, Outlawed, Luke decided to focus on his home-roots of Nottingham to pay homage to a classic local institution, Saturday Night & Sunday Morning. His vision and personal gravitas lends a gritty modern edge to the music video in a way no other director could.

c. Michael 2.PNG


Assistant Producer/1st AD

Michael joined the production team as an Assistant Producer, also took on the detail-intensive role of 1st Assistant Director. Having worked as a 1st AD for Luke previously on feature-film Outlawed, there was nobody better suited to keeping the set running smoothly and on time.

c. Catherine.jpg


Art Director

Catherine Aletta Gryffenburg joined the team as Art Director, taking on the challenge of capturing the original emotions of Saturday Night & Sunday Morning while providing a fresh, modern perspective for the audience to enjoy.

c. Ryan 3.PNG



Taking the helm of I’ll Be Here After The Factory Is Gone, producer Ryan Harvey was able to provide his experience and wisdom to ensure the success of the production. His drive to surround himself with fun, exciting and creative colleagues was a key element in ensuring this accomplishment.

c. Will Price_edited.jpg


Director of Photography

Will Price’s vast experience as Director of Photography has taken him all over the world. Having finished Luke’s feature film, Outlawed, earlier in the year, Will Price’s story-focused cinematic style combined with a keen attention to detail made him a vital member of the team.

“A breath of fresh air and a shot in the arm. This is filmmaking with depth, style and confidence.”

Danny Leigh

Film Critic/BFI Senior Curator of Fiction


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