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How to write the perfect video brief

Coming up with a video idea for your business or marketing campaign isn’t as easy as ordering a pizza. You can’t just whack a load of pepperoni on it because that’s what you like and hope for success.

Like anything, it’s important to plan as much as you possibly can. Taking a close look at what you actually want out of it and how to get there.

If you plan a perfect brief, it makes it really easy for a group of filmmakers like us to take your goals, audience and brand, stick them in a pot with some style and substance and ta-da!

You’ve got yourself a perfect pizza. I mean… video brief.

What are you trying to achieve?

First you’ve got to ask yourself, what’s the point? - What are you actually trying to achieve?

Hopefully you know this by now and it’s why you’re thinking about producing a video to help solve your problem. Maybe you’re struggling to sell a product or you’ve got 1000s of staff to train quickly, but only 1 qualified trainer.

The more specific you can be, the better your results will be in the end. So always try to dig deeper:

Why isn’t your product selling? Do people struggle to understand how it works? Are your brand values reaching your audience? Are you targeting the right people?

Lay out as precisely as possible what you want to achieve out of the video, and that gives direction for purpose. If these goals can then be quantified, it makes it easier to manage the success and impact of the video you’ve made.

Who is your target audience?

This might be one of the biggest impactors on your video. Your audience dictates:

  • The style and tone of the video

  • The length of the video

  • The distribution method

  • The aspect ratio of the video (Vertical 9:16, classic landscape 16:9, 1:1 boxes)

Researching who you are talking to is really important and surprisingly easy. If you’re communicating internally, things can be pretty straightforward, externally, you can grab as much information as you’re able to by monitoring your current customers and social media visitors to get an idea of what your audience looks like.

Once you have a solid idea of who you’re trying to approach, you can design the video around them, looking to see which delivery platform they’re most likely to use and what kind of content engages them most.

In case you're not sure what a meme is, we've provided a business related meme just for you!

There’s no need to make a bunch of memes to spam across facebook, if you’re an accountancy firm who should really be communicating sensibly to your B2B consumers via LinkedIn.

Although, that does sound fun, and a challenge. Guess it depends on your brand.

Have a clear idea of your Brand.

This is who you are. The existential crisis for the persona of your company, not yourself.

Your brand should be one that matches the core values of your target audience. Before they buy from you, they’ve got to like you first. Strangely that goes the same for internal video communications, no one’s going to listen to a boring video.

Think about your colours, the energy you put out; are you an energetic exciting company? Or an established and trustworthy traditional company? You’ve probably honed your brand into a company logo, images, and woven it into the fabric of your website’s copywriting; but it’s important that you communicate with your videographer or agency who you believe you are.

This then goes into what kind of story you tell, the pacing and editing, the lighting and performance styles of the actors (or employees) involved!

Video production is very much about balancing who you are talking to, with how you want to be heard.

What is your budget? (Time and Money)

This is the question no-body likes.

But you need to be honest with this.

You may want THE MOST AMAZING-MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 7 LOOKING-VIRAL RELEASING video ever, but let’s get real. What matters is results. Your aims are more important. Your target audience is more important. Your brand is more important.

They’re all more important than creating the next Avatar.

Knowing the limitations of your budget allows your videographer, agency, or production company to better plan a production and distribution method that’s achievable within your limits. Rather than over-reaching which could lead into a direct-to-DVD version of the Hollywood epic you had planned, or even worse, going over-budget on production, and running out of marketing costs. Then it was all worth nothing.

It’s important for you to know this and understand it too, because by taking all of these elements; your aims, audience, brand and budget, that an idea that suits all of these can be created! That's how you reach success.

It’s what we enjoy doing. We love the creative challenge of approaching the needs of your business and applying our film-savvy talents to create something amazing that produces results!

And with budgets from £1000 to £100,000+, you’d be surprised at how much we can achieve!

So if you’re thinking of using film or video for your business get in touch, we’ll grab a coffee and go over these 4 things. Because if we make a perfect brief, we can make a perfect film.

Talk to us today.

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